My All Time Favorite

This is my all-time favorite when it comes to recipes handed down by my mother.  Also known as Béchamel sauce, I use it for so many things!

This is the base to my Clam Chowder, Creamy Chicken Soup, Potato and Corn Chowder and Homemade Mac-n-Cheese.  I also serve this (with chopped hard-boiled eggs) over Salmon Patties (just like my Mom!)  It's my go-to for Sausage Gravy and Bisquits (and SOS) and a family favorite, Beer Cheese Soup.

2-2 and 1

2-2 and 1 -- that's all you have to remember!

2 Tbsp. butter
2 Tbsp. flour
1 cup half-n-half (milk, cream or half-n-half)
1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg

Double, triple, or multiply for amount needed.


Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat.  Add flour all at once.  Whisk constantly and cook 2 minutes; this will help remove the "floury" taste and create toasty flavor.

Gradually add half-n-half, whisking constantly. Add ground nutmeg, if using.*  Bring to a boil; cook and whisk constantly for 2 minutes.  Reduce heat to simmer, whisking occasionally until sauce starts to thicken.  Use immediately or refrigerate.

*I almost always add 1/8 tsp. nutmeg after incorporating half-n-half but it's optional, depending on what you're making. It adds another layer of flavor and is that je ne sais quoi that really enhances the finished sauce.